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Effective Tips on Boosting Your Social Media During The Holidays

The holiday season is always an excellent time for businesses to enhance their marketing strategy and engage more potential customers through social media. Many companies are gearing up to increase their presence during this time, and more consumers are staying connected with them as well. 

It is only natural that you worry about capturing the attention of a potentially distracted customer. However, with the right message and delivery, you can take advantage of the holiday season to impact your online community and attract more clients. 

In this article, we will be sharing some of the best ways to utilise social media and stand out despite the busy celebrations. Read on!

Create Your Holiday Hashtags

The holiday season is not an excuse for you to skip on continuous marketing strategising. Therefore, make use of this time to explore holiday hashtags you can use to appeal to more people within your target audience. 

Hashtags are crucial in letting your potential customers find your content and conversations that can turn into sales. A well-designed hashtag strategy lets you build a holiday tradition that your followers can look forward to every year. 

Getting creative with your content hashtags will also allow you to connect more intimately with your audience despite the fast pace of the holidays. Introduce your hashtags properly and teach your followers how they can use them. You can also reach out to your current customers and personally let them know about your holiday hashtags. Here is a great tool to generate hashtags that you probably hadn’t thought of before, therefore taping you into a bigger audience you wouldn’t have previously.

Give Your Platforms a Holiday Glow-Up

The people are feeling a little more festive and excited! And as a business, you can gain a lot from matching this holiday atmosphere with visible graphic design enhancements on your social media channels. 

Make an effort to give your accounts holiday designs and colours while still adhering to your brand’s personality. Whether posting a new profile photo or cover, investing in holiday-themed social media updates can go a long way in letting your target audience feel that you are celebrating with them. 

Hold Seasonal Contests or Countdowns

When done right, holiday contests and countdowns can grow your follower base and boost your business. You can set up a contest or countdown that is related to your brand and what you offer to your customers. 

This helps you easily generate user-targeted content that will interact in your community and direct other people to your company. 


Share Holiday Tips

There is probably nothing more effective than engaging your potential clients with content relevant to their holiday needs. This is a cost-effective way to direct their attention to your wonderful holiday offers and promos. 

Of course, you can always develop your targeted content into shopping lists, blogs, or social media series to keep your followers interested and on the lookout for further updates from your channels. The most popular topics include “must-have” gifts for specific types (students, grandparents, mentors, and so on), best holiday-themed films, fun family activities, and more. 

Sharing posts like these promote brand awareness and provides your followers with helpful information that they can share with others and come back to.


With our easy tips above, we are sure you will have a fun time interacting with your followers and initiating conversations with potential customers. Try any of them, and you will definitely see a boost in your social media presence. 

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