How to Know if Your Business Website Needs a Redesign
Mark Loughlin

Mark Loughlin

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How to Know if Your Business Website Needs a Redesign

Aside from your offered products and services, there is another tool that can make your business known, and that is your business website. Your business website will serve as your forefront in introducing what your business can do to make people choose you over other competitors. It can also build the impression of people towards your business, affecting your business reputation and sales. That said, it’s crucial to have an excellent web design.

Now, if you think your website is not giving you quality results, perhaps it’s time for a website redesign. If you’re unsure if a redesign is the best course of action for your website to perform well, here are the signs you should look out for to go for that kind of solution:


1. Your Business Is Experiencing a Decrease in Sales Due to Poor Web Design

Putting up a website for your business aims to increase your brand awareness, and of course, your sales. If the result is contrary to what you expected, you need a website redesign immediately. Most business owners don’t realize this, but web design can impact sales. If you make your website attractive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, there’s a higher chance that you can attract people to choose what your business offers. Remember, everyone offers high-quality products, but not everyone will provide an excellent user experience on their website. 


2. Your Website Has Poor Security and Performance

Always remember that users are not a fan of waiting. Their patience is short, so it’s never a good idea to make them wait. If your website takes ages to load, they will look for another website where they can experience faster speed. The same goes if your website has poor security. Your website should never be a risk for users; that’s why you should redesign it as soon as you notice any security issues. 


3. Your Website Is Not Responsive for All Types of Devices

Try to visit your website on different devices and check if all functions are working. If not, have it redesigned right away. It’s essential for your website to function correctly on whatever device the user is using. You cannot provide them with a user-friendly website if it only performs well on desktop computers. It must also be mobile-friendly, especially because most users use their mobile devices to search for something on the internet. 


4. Your Website Provides Low Conversion Rates

There is definitely something wrong with your website if you only get small amounts of conversion rates. Remember that a website is designed to capture more leads. If it does not fulfil its purpose to bring traffic and turn it into conversions, then you have to do something with your website immediately so that it can serve its purpose. You should update it and make sure that it has call-to-action buttons to make it easier for visitors. 



Having a website per se is not enough for your business to thrive. You should also ensure that it has excellent performance, quality designs and can provide a user-friendly experience. If your website has these qualities, you can expect more traffic, quality leads, higher conversions, and sales. So, don’t hesitate to have your website redesigned once you experience or notice any of these signs. 

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