You’re on Twitter because you know it’s a fantastic way to reach your followers and communicate with them quickly and effectively…but maybe that’s not the way it’s working out. For many small business, Twitter can become a frustrating endeavour as Tweets receive little to no interaction and your follower growth is at a crawl. If you’re one of those people, never fear, here are some great (Free!) tools that will help you optimize Twitter engagement in less than 10 minutes.


Buffer is an awesome scheduling tool that gives you the freedom to schedule everything at once, and then let the app do the work for you. You’ll need to monitor your feed so you can interact with your followers, but you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’re still tweeting as you run from meeting to meeting.

There are lot of scheduling tools out there, but here is why I particularly enjoy Buffer:

    • Super simple interface – There’s no learning curve here.
    • Posting Schedule – Rather than schedule posts one-at-a-time, Buffer can be set to post at certain times every day. Everything you add will be automatically added to the posting queue.
    • Awesome suggested posts – Unlike a lot of other scheduling tools that pull suggestions by keyword from all over the internet, Buffer’s suggestions are vetted and sourced every day by their staff. This means you can rely on the quality of the suggested content.
    • Great integrations – More on those below!
    • Affordable – Buffer is completely free to connect one of each profile (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+) and schedule up to 10 posts. If you want to post more, the Awesome plan is still affordable at $10 per month.
    • Great blog content – Buffer shares great tips and advice about how to optimise your experience. Most of the integrations and ideas they suggest cost nothing.


Apart from having a name that’s really fun to say, FollowerWonk is a great way to learn more about your followers. Once you’ve signed up (For free), you can dig into analysis of your followers, compare yourself to competitors, or find new people to follow by searching for keywords within users’ bios.

Once of my favourite features is its integration with Buffer. Once you’ve analysed your followers on FollowerWonk you can see a chart of when your followers are online alongside a button that prompts you to import a posting schedule into Buffer. When clicked, Followerwonk will automatically set Buffer’s schedule to post when your followers are online. Pretty awesome, huh?