The Influence of SEO on Brand Awareness—What to Know
Mark Loughlin

Mark Loughlin

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The Influence of SEO on Brand Awareness—What to Know

Most brands today thrive in the digital space. Bringing a company to the online landscape makes a lot of sense because the internet has a global reach. The market is highly competitive, so businesses need to think of ways for their target audience to notice them. One such method is through the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO involves using the right keywords to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). The better and more relevant the keyword you use, the higher you can expect your ranking to be. In turn, your website will be more visible, and visitors will likely click on it.

In essence, SEO helps create brand awareness. However, how it works is still confusing for some people. In this article, we’ll be talking about the power of SEO for greater brand awareness. Read on below to learn more.


Ways to Improve Brand Awareness Using SEO


Strive for Better Brand Visibility

Admit it: none of us would support a brand unless they showed up on the first page of search engine results. With a good SEO strategy, your website will get the organic traffic it requires to achieve sales and revenue targets. 

SEO isn’t only going to get more people to visit your website, but it can also turn them from prospects into customers. Aside from that, it also puts your platform in a position of authority in your industry. It proves that your website is credible, what you’re offering is relevant, and you can provide what consumers need.


Optimise Keyword Usage

As mentioned earlier, SEO involves using the relevant keywords to help your website rank higher through its content. Being relevant means you can’t make up a keyword and expect it to do wonders, so you must do keyword research correctly. 

Choosing the right keywords through extensive research ensures that you can optimise your website’s content. In turn, it helps you rank higher, directing relevant leads to discover you.


Produce Fresh Content

Posting new content promptly lets Google know that you manage an updated site. Furthermore, it allows you to hit more keywords, which gets you a wider audience for a broader online reach.

You must base the content you make on the data you obtained from your keyword research. If you have a piece of optimised content, chances are it will lead visitors to your site because it can help solve their problems. 

To cut the long story short, there’s a market for every type of content. It lies in the method of delivery when it comes to building brand awareness that makes a huge difference.


Apply a Mobile-Friendly Design

Nowadays, it’s hard to see someone who doesn’t have a smartphone. The innovative devices allow people to make most tasks more accessible, including browsing the web.

Since it’s more convenient to browse websites using smartphones, users expect your website to be optimised for mobile. That means easy mobile navigation, better scalability, and faster-loading results. Also, Google will know if your website is mobile-friendly, which helps achieve greater SERP ranking and overall visibility.


Target Local SEO 

Local SEO is an excellent method to employ because, unlike traditional SEO, it focuses on a specific geographical location. The goal is to rank higher when people from a particular area, such as yours, make a directly related query to your business.

To do this, you must set up your Google My Business (GMB) account. GMB helps promote local businesses and their physical stores. It lets you manage your online business information, making it easier for Google to let local customers find you.    


Focus on Link Building

Link building helps boost visibility by creating backlinks from a different website back to yours. In a way, it’s like validation or approval from other websites, which tells Google that your website is relevant enough that third-party websites mention your business.



Getting the word out regarding your brand is a long and tedious process. The good news is that SEO can help boost your business website to generate profit. Remember to do continuous keyword research to get the right terms, bringing customers and leads to you.

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