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6 Fundamental Types of Graphic Design Everyone Should Know

By definition, graphic design is a skill or craft used to create visual content to relay information to a target audience. It is a way to communicate using only pictures as the primary medium. However, despite seeming like a discipline that only relies on creativity and visual expertise, it is also a skill that has branched out to other forms, and here are some examples.

Visual Identity

A visual identity is a set of graphic elements used to represent a brand. It is another skill that a graphic designer has in a short period. You can use this skill to create banners, brochures, and other printable materials for businesses.

Visual identity shines to show the product’s nature, cost and value or service. It also stands out to create a distinction between your brand and competitors. For example, an excellent example of visual identity is FedEx’s use of red and white colours to show safety, reliability and fastness.


It is a skill that uses visual design to convey a message. It is an excellent skill to learn because it is a way to create ads, sales letters, and other promotional and marketing materials for businesses.

Marketing is the process of creating and engaging your audience to market your products and services. One way to do this is by creating ads for a company. Designers can create Facebook posts, widgets, emails, or TV commercials.

User Interface

Good designers can also create a clean and functional user interface for web applications and websites. It is a skill used in designing mobile apps or web pages. It is another skill that a graphic designer can use to create the perfect layout for your site. It is an excellent skill to learn because many websites will give you a lot of control over how the site should look and feel.

Technical Graphic Design

A specific type of great design lets you communicate with a target audience using technology. It is a skill used to create copies and instructions using technology. It is also an excellent skill to learn if you are into technology and you want to create content using computer software. For example, technical graphic design is used to develop computer manuals, instruction manuals and even manuals on fixing certain computer parts.


It is another skill that you can use to design a home or office environment. It is a skill that a graphic designer can use to create a beautiful and functional environment. Environmental graphic design is a way that you can use to add some beauty to your home or office. This skill is usually used in architecture, interior design, and web design.

Web Design

Graphic design can also create the layout for the website. It is another skill that a graphic designer can learn, creating an exemplary user interface that is clean, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. You can use this skill to make a good website layout. It is another good way to apply your graphic design skills in real-world settings.


Here a study proves that In today’s digital era, graphic design is one of the most sought-after skills because people want to create engaging, attractive, and entertaining content. Graphic design is a way to attract your audience and convey a message using just pictures.

Graphic designing is a skill that anyone can learn and perfect over time. Aspiring designers can start now to gain skills in making and creating things. If you are interested, start by finding a graphic design course or a place to learn at a cheaper fee.

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