AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages,” and they could just change the entire website experience for you and your website’s visitors.

Think about how long it takes some pages to load and then think about how important it is for your users to have a quick and easy experience on your website. Not only is it factored into SEO rankings, visitors may not wait around and head to someone else’s website instead!

Improving Page Speed
AMP aims to help solve this page speed problem. According to Moz, the original idea for AMP comes from a project via Google and Twitter, creating really fast mobile pages—it’s basically a stripped-down form of HTML.

In technical terms, the reason why AMPs are faster than normal HTML pages is because the HTML is cut back, images don’t load until you scroll to them, and JavaScript does all that for you. So, pages load quicker and visitors to that page get an overall better site experience.

AMP could play a big part of future website experiences and at PuttySquared we are all about the latest and greatest tech.